Step 1: Make a cardboard box

So when you go through design school an evolution usually occurs.  Besides the addiction to caffeine and deep, deep, love of sleep it seems that everything that comes across you ends up being designed.

Step 1: Make a cardboard box

Easy, right?  Well sure if you want just any box.  Cut out a cross shape, add some tape and voila! you have a box.  But wait, you LIKE to design things so this is a design opportunity.  Why settle for just any box, why not design it?  Because people, if you ever want to break that addiction to caffeine and actually sleep in your bed at night the cycle must end.  My advice is to accept the simple box for what it is.  And embrace the perks.

Step 2: What is a box?

In this case the box is functioning as a shipping container for the wallets I make. It will be constructed out of lightweight yet durable material.  The industry seems to favor cardboard so I’ll give that a shot.

mmmmm.... cardboard.....

Step 3:  What is the point?

Call me crazy but if I am going to make someone a custom wallet, I might as well make them a custom box.  After all this allows me to control the presentation of the end product to the customer client (think Apple). I hesitate to use the word customer because the connotation I have is that of a consumer.  Someone who is principally concerned with quantity rather than quality.  Whereas a client is the recipient of a service, a collaboration.  I provide a service, not just a product. /end rant


the green QR code is a winner!

Step(s) 4-20: Design/Redesign

It only took a week and a tabletop brimming with prototypes but the super awesome perfect-as-I-can-get-it-without-going-insane box is finally done. Not only does it have an insert that holds the wallets but it also has a top-secret QR code underneath that directs all who scan it back to this blog so they can feast their eyes on all the cool photos (and videos) of it being produced.  There was something really interesting about engraving a QR code onto the box that would show people how it was made.  Like a self replicating machine.  Cool stuff I say.

hey wait a minute, that acrylic chessboard underneath looks familiar...

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