Bamboo’s Not Just For Pandas

  So while a panda would have endeavored to eat all that bamboo, I happened to find an alternative use for it with the help of my two classmates.  Let me take a step backwards to explain just how I ended up making a bamboo truss as opposed to several thousand chopsticks.  (Although at times, […]

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

I’ve been incredibly busy since the last time I posted.  And as such became a bit neglectful of this blog.  However, once I have the time to upload everything I have been working on, I think you’ll find it very enjoyable.  Expect to see a truss made out of bamboo and fiberglass, a few new […]

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Step 1: Make a cardboard box

So when you go through design school an evolution usually occurs.  Besides the addiction to caffeine and deep, deep, love of sleep it seems that everything that comes across you ends up being designed. Step 1: Make a cardboard box Easy, right?  Well sure if you want just any box.  Cut out a cross shape, […]

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